Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I am alive!

Hello blogging world!! I know it has been a while since my last post. I thought when school was out and over for the year I'd have all this time to write blog posts and create fun stuff for my classroom and hang out with friends all the time... I. Was. Wrong. Have I ever mentioned that in addition to teaching 3rd grade, I'm also an Assistant Children's Ministry Director for my church?? Yeah, oh and I'm also the VBS director, too. ::WARNING:: if you are going into your first year of teaching, DO NOT be a director of ANYTHING!!! You. Will. Go. Insane!!! Trust me, I was close this year :) Anyway, June was entirely devoted to planning and running VBS. it's a ton of work but so much fun! We had 136 kids come and 11 devote their lives to Christ! Awesome and so worth all the work!! Plus we raises over $1,500 for the victims of tornadoes in Oklahoma. The deal with kids is, if they raise $1,000 my cohost gets his head shaved and I get a pie in the face!
It's always a good time!!
Anyway, I have started (today lol) pulling all of the odds and ends of classroom things I've been purchasing here and there out into my living room today (my roommate is going to KILL me!) to take an informal inventory of all I have. I've determined, I have a lot of stuff! But, my collection will be growing! 
This is the compilation this far, but there will be more! I'm so excited for my "Wild About Learning" themed classroom this year!! 
I am actually off to Hobby Lobby right now to pick up some more stuff (go figure!) but I will be posting more soon!!
Happy Tuesday!

Ms. P

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