Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm only SLIGHTLY obsessed with my classroom :)

So, last week we were able to work in our classroom from Mon-Thurs to start setting up. Well, being the obsessed-with-school freak that I am, I was there 41 hours in those 4 days... Needless to say, I literally could not move on Friday. Anyway, I wanted to share my classroom with y'all and see if you like it as much as I do! 
Here's my ticket out the door, lunch choice area, daily schedule, and half of my Global Connections board. 
Global Connections board!
Guided reading/ my storage area. The table has vinyl circles that I cut and placed on the table to use with dry erase markers. 
Classroom Library!! Love my tree <3
Student Mailboxes... Gotta incorporate my motherland in this room somehow!
Computer/SMARTboard area. Super excited to have a comfy teacher chair this year!
Front white board with "I can" statement subjects, NOISE letters, and calendar. 
Front of my classroom... Love my $20 Ikea rug!!! 
So there you have the quick tour version of my room! I've made some new things since I took these pictures, so stay tuned for more fun things! 
Please leave me some feedback! I love hearing it so I can better myself as an educator. Plus, the crickets are getting a little tired of chirping ;)

Ms. P

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I teach, what's your superpower?

Just a little encouragement for your Wednesday :)
Being a teacher is hard, but it's also a blessing. I pray I never forget that <3

Happy Wednesday :)

Ms. P

Monday, July 29, 2013

What's up with Scentos??

I keep seeing posts about these Scentos markers and am kinda baffled by them. What's so cool about these little guys?? Are they like Mr. Sketch markers just with faces?? Help a sister out!

Ms. P

My FIRST Monday Made It!

Happy Monday!! So, this summer I have been working like a crazy person making and creating new things for my classroom. For some reason, Mondays just come and go and I totally forget about Monday Made It's! My friend and co-worker Ms. R over at Miss R's Room had told me about this linky fun a while back, however I just kept forgetting to share my creations. BUT today, that changes! I'm so excited to link up with 4th Grade Frolics for my first Monday Made It! Check out my creations!

1.) Behavior Chart

So, as I'm sure you've gathered from reading the title of my blog, my classroom theme this year is "Wild About Learning". I have slowly been in the process of gathering and creating items all summer long to turn my classroom into a modern day jungle where my little wild things will be excited to learn and explore. My first creation was my new clip chart/behavior chart:
::I know the quality of the pictures aren't great... stick with me though, this only my firs made it post, it's got to get better right?! :) ::
The behavior chart has the 7 levels- Of course kids start on Green (Ready for an Adventure), then can go up from there- Purple (On Track), Blue (Roaring Choices), Pink (Jungle Leader). Children can also clip down- Yellow (Bumpy Road Ahead 1st Warning), Orange (Safari Map Needed Teacher's Choice), Red (Lost in the Jungle Parent Contact).

2.) Jobs Chart

Keeping the wild theme alive- My Jungle Jobs Chart
This one is pretty self explanatory. Jobs will be switched out every week, allowing each student to take part in each job.

3.) "I Can" subject headers
I created these to put up on our white board. They have magnets on the back. I'll write the objective or "I Can" statement for each subject underneath the subject header for the day. ::Not pictured:: I have created green stars that will go under each topic to write what each subject's homework is for the night. I'm sure I'll post pics once I get it all set up in class soon ;)

4.) Exit ticket chart "What Stuck with You?"

Let me just start by saying, I am pretty much in love with how this chart turned out! I created this for students to place exit tickets (informal assessments) in corresponding to their class number. I'll then be able to check the tickets later to see who grasps the concept or needs more help/time. I created the zebra numbers and glued them onto these neon library pockets. It was kind of a spur of the moment creation, but I find those usually turn out the best!

So there you have it! Monday Made It #1!! I will tell you, I have MANY other creations, but what's the fun in giving it all away on the first time!
Stay tuned and see ya soon!

Ms. P

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Inspiration

Alright, so, recently I have been on a HUGE "better-myself-as-an-educator-by-reading-and-watching-educational-contented-material" kick (okay... Take a breath, whooo) and after what I watched tonight, I just had to share! 
Today, I was at the Christmas Tree Shops (which if you've never been, you need to go!! Tons of awesome stuff for the classroom or home for CHEAP!!) and found the movie "The Emperor's Club" (on sale for $4.99, I mean really, how could I pass that up?!) in the movie bin. I thought I had seen it before but could t remember for sure. 
Anyway, this movie is (of course) about the impact a teacher has on the students he has over the years in class. As I watched it, I couldn't help but have tears well up behind my eyes thinking about this profession I have chosen to make my own. I truly cannot put into words what being an educator means to me. Even though it is an all-consuming, life-altering occupation, I truly cannot imagine devoting my life to anything else. I guess you could say I am looking forward to this school year already (don't get me wrong, I LOVE my summer break and the freedom I have) and am itching to get back to the students and the daily, hourly and even moment-by-moment challenges that come with this beloved career. I have survived the dreaded first year of teaching and all that comes with it. This being my second year, I can see my weaknesses in my instruction last year and truly want to improve my craft and talents and be the best teacher I can be for these kiddos that will walk through my classroom door. 
As I mentioned before, I have also been doing some educational reading as well. Two of my colleagues have been telling me about this book written by Rafe Esquith called "Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire" and so I decided I'd get myself a copy and see what all the hype is about. 
I have only just started reading this and I can already tell it is truly going to challenge what I have always thought to be "effective" in terms of discipline, management and student achievement. 
I have also picked up the book, "Waiting for 'Suprrman'" by various authors, edited by Karl Weber. I know it's been made into a movie but not having seen it, I'm curious as to what it holds. 
Stay tuned for reviews of these books. Oh, some of my coworkers think I've give insane BUT I've been doing TONS of crafting for my classroom already (thank you Pinterest!!) Check back in for a possible "Monday Made It" post of all my goodies :)
Have a wonderful night!

Ms. P

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I am alive!

Hello blogging world!! I know it has been a while since my last post. I thought when school was out and over for the year I'd have all this time to write blog posts and create fun stuff for my classroom and hang out with friends all the time... I. Was. Wrong. Have I ever mentioned that in addition to teaching 3rd grade, I'm also an Assistant Children's Ministry Director for my church?? Yeah, oh and I'm also the VBS director, too. ::WARNING:: if you are going into your first year of teaching, DO NOT be a director of ANYTHING!!! You. Will. Go. Insane!!! Trust me, I was close this year :) Anyway, June was entirely devoted to planning and running VBS. it's a ton of work but so much fun! We had 136 kids come and 11 devote their lives to Christ! Awesome and so worth all the work!! Plus we raises over $1,500 for the victims of tornadoes in Oklahoma. The deal with kids is, if they raise $1,000 my cohost gets his head shaved and I get a pie in the face!
It's always a good time!!
Anyway, I have started (today lol) pulling all of the odds and ends of classroom things I've been purchasing here and there out into my living room today (my roommate is going to KILL me!) to take an informal inventory of all I have. I've determined, I have a lot of stuff! But, my collection will be growing! 
This is the compilation this far, but there will be more! I'm so excited for my "Wild About Learning" themed classroom this year!! 
I am actually off to Hobby Lobby right now to pick up some more stuff (go figure!) but I will be posting more soon!!
Happy Tuesday!

Ms. P

Monday, May 27, 2013

I see the light!

So, this past week was our state testing.. I have never been so happy to see a week end!! Anyway, an idea I found on Pinterest (you will learn, I am ADDICTED to that site) came to life in my room this week. I'm very sentimental and found the idea to create a class tree that can be added to over the years. Each year, the class will add their thumbprint in a different color to the tree. After years of teaching, I'll be able to look back on all my precious babies. On the back, I put my thumbprint in the same color and marked the school year so I could remember. I'm sharing out classroom creation below :)
I hope everyone has had a WONDERFUL long weekend! 9 more school days, friends!! Enjoy your babies while you have 'em!!
Ms. P